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Shower Screens

bathroom glass shower screens

If you are doing a bathroom renovation in your home, and if you really want to brighten up your bathroom with a glass shower screen, you are thinking on the right path! When you decide to take the step get the glass shower screen installed, make sure you call our team of skilful tradesmen to take care of your shower screen installation. Not to mention, if you a shower screen replacement instead of installation, we here at Ballarat Glass Service is also the team that you are going to want to rely on. Any shower screen needs or desires you have, we are able to deliver!


The interior of your home says a lot about your character, morals, ethics, and overall sense of style. If you have a glass shower screen in one or all of the bathrooms in your home, you are likely going to impress your guests. Not to mention, shower screens contribute to an increase in the value of your home. Overall, a shower screen is a stylish option that is also practical. After all, when you are showing you just want to clean yourself and you do not want to have to worry about cleaning up water in the bathroom afterwards. Shower screens are sleek, modern, and elegant, and Ballarat Glass Service is the team you should trust with these services.

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining your shower screen is going to be an absolute breeze once the Ballarat Glass Service team installs it for you. Every time you are done showering, you just wipe away the water quickly which takes no time at all. You can use standard glass cleaner on your shower screen too. You do not need to do extensive maintenance though because when we install or replace a shower screen, we also apply a protective cover that is resistant to water and soap stains. Although this is a common complaint with shower screens, you are not going to have to worry about that minor detail when you trust us here at Ballarat Glass Service to take care of it.

Effortless Installation

The installation process of your new or replacing shower screen is effortless and pain-free for you. For many reasons, you are going to be highly satisfied with our installation service for a new shower screen. Firstly, when you contact us, you will be impressed by our friendly staff who can answer all your questions and promptly book you in for an appointment. Also, when we arrive for the appointment, we will arrive on time. We prioritize timeliness as we know it can be stressful needing to adjust your schedule at the last moment. Also, being late is unprofessional. Finally, while we work, it is efficient and non-disruptive.

Repairs and Replacements

If you need glass replacement for your shower screen due to unforeseen damage, do not worry. Call the team here at Ballarat Glass Service and it going to be an affordable and quick service. Additionally, we are able to provide affordable options because we understand that damages are unforeseen and unwanted. Additionally, if you want a trusted glass installer for your shower screen replacement, we are the team who can deliver the products and services that you require.


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