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Installing a shower screen in your bathroom improves its appearance by making it have a brand new look. Different shower screens are offering modern to stylish designs and don’t require a complete bathroom renovation. 

There are eight best shower screen types in Ballarat for you to consider. Most of these varieties will fit perfectly well onto your current bathing space or bathtub. They range from folding to sliding, fixed to swing, and made from either clear glass, frosted glass, or acrylic.   

Each bath screen has its function and aesthetic value that alters your bathroom space’s feel and look. Still, it’s easier to clean a bath screen than a shower curtain. 

Continue reading the article for more information about the best shower screen types.

Shower screen installation done in Ballarat with frameless shower screen

Materials Used to Fabricate Bath Screens 

Two primary materials are used to manufacture the best shower screen types in Ballarat. 


It’s the most widely used bath screens material. Tempered glass is mainly used because it has higher temperature differences resistance than the standard glass. Further, tempered glass fragments into smaller pieces when pushed beyond its endurance limit, thus posing no risks of injury.   

Therefore, tempered glass can have a thickness of 6-12 mm or customized through sanding to the smallest details to minimize accidents when one falls when showering. Glass that is not tempered can add to serious injury when you slip and hit it hard.  

It’s also easy to clean tempered glass and generate a pleasant décor because of its high-quality material compared to acrylic. One of the downsides of tempered glass is that it’s costly. 


It’s the second-best shower screen type in Ballarat. This material is less costly and light compared to glass. However, it gets damaged easily, is difficult to clean, and its quality fades over time. Thus, cleaning your shower screen daily or frequently can damage the acrylic material and contribute to scratching and colour fading due to its low UV resistance.  

Although the acrylic material is weaker than tempered glass, it can last for ten years when well-maintained. You can change the acrylic bath screen when it gets too scratched or when there is a mould buildup between the shower screen frames for many years. Extensive mould growth can contribute to an unhygienic bathing environment.  

Different Types of Shower Screens  

There are eight different shower screens in the market that you can pick for your bathroom. They include; 

Framed Shower Screens 

It’s one of the most popular and best shower screen types in Ballarat for a busy family bathroom. This option has an aluminium frame that holds the glass panels, thus forming a full enclosure. Fully framed shower screens are available in different configurations and bathrooms of different sizes. It’s also an excellent choice for budget-conscious homeowners.  

Frameless Shower Screens 

The second minimalistic, and best shower screen types in Ballarat is the frameless shower screen. The alternative has a modern design while the glass panel is supported with less hardware or frame. It’s also an excellent choice for bathrooms with limited space.   

These are framed shower screens but with more subtle frames and still offer similar strength and sophisticated design. The option gives you a durable and stylish shower screen. 

Semi-Frameless Shower Screens 

Pivot Door Shower Screens 

These traditional shower screens have doors that rotate on a central point and available in a wide range of designs and styles. They are the best shower screen types in Ballarat for large bathrooms due to the space occupied by the door when it swings in and out.   

You can use the pivot door to create a division between the toilet and bathing space. So the swinging door will prevent water from spilling to the toilet space or the rest of the bathroom. Therefore, go for a pivot door shower screen when space isn’t an issue, and the option will complement the bathroom décor. 

Sliding Door Shower Screens 

The version is the best shower screen type in Ballarat, for its a great space saver while still offering the same convenience as the closed enclosure. The sliding door shower screen saves immense space because it doesn’t swing in or out. The 1 or 2 sliding door moves along a rail, thus wholly closing the shower while bathing, and this prevents noise and water. 

Bi-Fold Door Shower Screens 

These are stylish and practical shower screens that save space due to their opening mechanism. The option has two to four folding doors that move along a rail. Installing fewer folding doors is advantageous for it reduces technical problems that can cause the screens to get damaged faster than the rest. The bi-fold door shower screen is affordable, attractive, stylish, and practical. Thus, it’s the best shower screen type in Ballarat.  

Fixed Panel Shower Screens 

It’s a simple, luxurious option that offers a minimalist look. The fixed panel shower screen has a single frameless glass that is fixed to the tiled floor or the wall and cant rotate. It’s ideal for a large bathroom because you have to provide a drying area that opens to the room and ample space to maneuver around this shower screen.   

Quadrant Shower Screens  

Having a small bathroom shouldn’t deny you the joy of having a shower screen. You can install a quadrant shower screen designed to occupy the space at the corner of your bathroom. Further, this corner version has sliding doors, thus saving immense space in your bathroom while making it more attractive and practical. 

Bottom Line

Bathroom renovation done in Ballarat with a frameless shower screen

The article has provided a list of different shower screens that can give your bathroom luxuriant looks while remaining practical. Some of the best shower screen types in Ballarat are framed, frameless, semi-less, bi-fold doors, pivot doors, sliding doors, fixed panels, and quadrant shower screens.   

You can contact Ballarat Glass Service for more information and a quote. The team of experts will design a shower screen for you to meet your standards, safety, and within your budget.

Give us a call at 0491 603 727 or email us for more information.

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