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Glass splashbacks transform a bathroom, kitchen, and laundry area in your home, for they change both the feel and look of these places.

Splashbacks become popular in recent years, particularly in the kitchen and bathrooms, because their benefits outweigh the cost.

The following are the reasons why you should install glass splashbacks in your kitchen or bathroom.

Widely Available

You won’t struggle to find a colour, texture, or design that matches your needs due to significant market competition since glass technology is crucial in the construction industry. Further, these splashes are available in different sizes or can be cut to size. Thus, you don’t need to accept a standard size if you don’t like it, for you can ask for the piece of glass to be cut to the required size to cover a specific space like over the hob

Heat Resistance

A kitchen is used for cooking; thus, glass splashbacks are exposed to heat for the entire period you’re using this space. However, this material doesn’t change its colour or shape due to heat; thus, glass splashbacks enables you to enjoy cooking in a pleasant place without worrying about damages. Further, these splashbacks have minimal repair and maintenance costs.

Kitchen glass splashback installation done in Ballarat

Easy to keep Clean

Glass splashbacks are flat and sleek, thus easy to clean. Therefore you will only need to wipe the surface with an appropriate cloth when you spill some liquid. Unlike other surfaces that are porous and require harsh detergents to clean, glass splashbacks are non-porous; thus, you don’t need a lot of cleaning detergents.

The surface is amusing and practical for individuals that love cooking because they are resistant to bacteria and water; hence it requires less effort to clean any food splashes. Additionally, they are made of toughened glass; for that reason, the splashback can be placed behind the kitchen hob to protect your walls from food splashes and hot greases.

Easy To Customize

These surfaces are entirely customizable without altering the designs as well as easy to integrate with other appliances. You can use crackle glass splashbacks or glitter ranges for your kitchen worktops. More so, you can get personalized glass splashbacks with printed images, and this will help you to create a unique feature wall in your bathrooms, kitchen, and other surfaces.


Glass is versatile, unlike other materials. You can experiment with glass splashback, and it can also be installed in challenging corners without too much effort.

Light Reflection

The surface reflects light; unlike other surfaces, it doesn’t create shadows, so you don’t need other lighting systems to brighten the kitchen.

Classy Look

Glass splashbacks give your kitchen a luxurious touch. A classy look is inviting, adds value to your property, and most buyers will be attracted to your house. The reason is that glass splashbacks have diverse designs such as painted splashbacks, graphics and prints splashbacks, and mirrored options.

Kitchen glass splashback installation done in Ballarat with herringbone pattern glass mosaic tiles

Requires Simple Maintenance and Repair

Glass splashbacks are not only easy to maintain, but they are also simple to replace when they get old or when you need to upgrade. On the other hand, these simple efforts will utterly change both the appearance and value of your kitchen or bathroom. It will give these areas an elegant and classy feel and look.

Further, you don’t need to spend a lot of money when renovating these surfaces because glass splashbacks are becoming popular, and this has contributed to increased supply and reduced cost of buying the material and installations. More so, splashbacks are installed using panels, which can be easily removed when changing and reused again with the new design or colour.

Variety of Color Choices

The glass technology has contributed to the development of many-hued splashbacks. Thus, all homeowners can be sure that they will get their preferred colour combination that matches their theme, design, and style of their kitchen and bathroom. Further, no matter what colour you choose, the glass surface will always remain bright and clear.

Safety and Strength

Naturally, glass splashbacks are resistant to scratches hence durable unlike other materials like tiles and stainless steel. Further, these splashbacks are toughened through a series of a rigorous process of heating and cooling the element. Therefore, the glass splashbacks are durable, safe, and offers lifelong satisfaction to homeowners.


Materials like tiles get discoloured, worn out, or often damaged over time. They collect more slime and grime, thus hard to clean around the crannies and nooks. However, installing a glass splashback in the bathroom and kitchen helps these surfaces to look fresh throughout because it doesn’t discolour. Thus, these surfaces save you money and time in the long run.

Can be Fitted Quickly

It’s straightforward to fix a glass splashback in the kitchen or bathroom than other tiling materials. Further, the process doesn’t require specialized skill; thus, you can fix glass splashback in a single day since materials are cut to fit the chosen panel area or the entire surface. More so, these surfaces are easy to replace during an entire home makeover. Contact Ballarat Glass for a quote and more information.


Glass splashbacks are a long-lasting kitchen and bathroom décor that saves you a considerable amount of money due to limited maintenance. On the other hand, tiles are expensive because they require continuous re-grouting. Further, they have less installation and maintenance costs, for you don’t need grout and tile cutters. For that reason, glass splashbacks are more comfortable to fit.


Glass splashbacks are available in different designs and colours. Further, glass is timeless and will remain modern and an excellent match for the cooking place.

Better for Your Health

Glass material doesn’t breed bacteria, unlike the bathroom and kitchen tile cracks and grout. Thus, these surfaces will always remain shiny and slippery, for they don’t have grout, which is susceptible to bacteria and moulds.

Get in touch with Ballarat Glass for first-rate customized glass splashbacks. We are dedicated to installing high-quality glass splashbacks. We always make sure that all your design requirements are catered for to give you a dream kitchen and bathroom. Give us a call at 0491 603 727 or email us for more information.

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