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Planning to change your old shower screen with something new and special? Glass shower screens have been with us since we developed toughened, shatterproof glass, but there have been very few models to select from in the past. One of the top benefits of the glass screen is the utilitarian panels built to let light in the shower while prohibiting water from running out of the shower enclosure.
Over the years, shower panels have come a long way, and glass shower panels today have even more advantages than in the past.


Glass doors establish an elegant atmosphere in any space, and your shower screens are no different. Choose a glass enclosure if you’re planning to sell your house in the next few years. Such displays will increase the value of your home and attract potential buyers.

Can Be Customized

Many enclosures come in a single size and design, such as shower curtains. You will have the chance to create a personalized solution for your bathroom if you choose a shower screen. For bathrooms with revamped showers, the ability for customization is especially helpful. Since the shower was not built with the rest of the bathroom, small, awkward areas or irregular shapes may have been developed. Throughout the design process, the contractor should take these eccentricities into account to achieve a seamless match.


The screens for the glass shower look sleek and chic. We make your bathroom area look more polished and seamless as we encourage other elements of design to pop up. Accentuate your choice of paint, hardware, and flooring with glass doors instead of adding an enclosure that could be fighting with the design.


To reinforce it, the glass used for shower screens is tempered and treated. Glass shower screens are resistant to scratching and shattering. Such enclosures can last as long as your home is finished with proper maintenance. Speak to your glass contractor about your glass door and hardware’s warranty choices. The glass itself is usually longer than the frame handle, or other equipment.

Low Maintenance

To avoid water spots and soap stains, glass shower screens do not require maintenance other than regular cleaning. The door hardware will eventually need replacement in some instances, but adequate cleaning will lessen this risk. It is particularly easy to clean and manage frameless shower screens because you can access the entire glass panel.


You develop a distinct barrier once you hang a shower curtain that may make your bathroom look smaller. Clear screens for the shower produce an organic flow that stretches the space, making your bathroom look bigger. Shower screens also let more light into the room, and if you don’t have a light source mounted over the shower this feature proves useful.


Shower screens give a multitude of design options for integrating them fully into your bathroom space.

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