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Your reflection is one of those images that you think you know very well, but then you go to a friend’s place and all of a sudden, you look different in a different mirror. You may have feelings of joy or discomfort, but then when you go to a different mirror in a department store or clothing shop, you may discover that, yet again, your reflection is different! You see, different mirrors have different reflections because mirrors are different levels of quality. Sometimes the mirrors are low-quality, and sometimes they are high-quality. Of course, when you choose to work with us, they will always be high-quality, and at an affordable rate.

Mirror Walls

Something that has become an increasing service that the team here at Ballarat Glass Service is providing is the installation of mirror walls. For example, there are a lot of homes with small gyms inside for the owner to use at their leisure. Oftentimes, these homes have mirror walls in them to really create that feeling that you would otherwise get in a commercial gym. However, mirror walls can also be at a much smaller scale for your bathroom or bedroom for example. There have even been cases that we install mirror ceilings! No matter what you want, Ballarat Glass Service can deliver that service.

Mirror Windows

In some cases, commercial buildings, or even some homes, like to have reflective mirror windows for their property. Mirror windows are a great option to consider in order to meet a variety of your needs. Luckily the team here at Ballarat Glass Service is able to meet all of your mirror window needs. Additionally, we are experts in this field because we have a lot of experience in different glass related services, including shower screen installation and window replacement. Therefore, you are never going to need to worry about the trustworthiness of our services since we already have an outstanding reputation.

Mirror Quality

The quality of our mirrors is guaranteed to be the best. We have been in this industry for many years and we know what elements are required for a good mirror, and what elements need to be avoided from a bad mirror. We never want to convolute your perspective, so we will go through a mirror consultation process so you can choose the perfect mirror for you. There are also customizable options because mirrors can have different tints, such as gold, pink, blue, and a bunch of other colours. Whatever you desire with your mirror, we are able to deliver that. Our trustworthy manufactures are also eco-conscious, so you can have peace of mind that the environment was not harmed.

Repairs and Replacements

If you have a broken mirror or if you need a minor mirror repair, the team here at Ballarat Glass Service is able to fix that situation for you. We know that repairs and replacements for mirrors can seem a bit odd, but that is only because people often think mirrors are easily replaceable. When you work with us though, you are going to be so happy with you mirror and how customized it can be, you are not going to want to throw it away if you customized it to meet your exact needs and desires.


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