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In recent years, the number of bathroom renovation projects has risen to an unprecedented level. Actually, many homeowners around the Ballarat region are renovating their bathrooms to add extra value to their property. 

The question lingering in most homeowners is how to find the best shower screens for different bathrooms. The following is what you should know about Ballarat glass replacement for your shower screen.  

Hydroslide sliding shower door completely installed in Ballarat

Types of Shower Screens 

Updating your shower screens can be a cost-effective project when done using the best glass. Indeed, there is a wide range of shower screen installations. The most popular types of shower screens from the Ballarat glass replacement are frameless, fully framed, and semi-frameless.   

Various types of glass can be used to make these shower screens, and that breaks differently.  

Standard Glass: Its a big glass because it’s manufactured within a shorter period. It can also be cut, reshaped, and polished quickly without shattering or breaking it. Thus, the glass is easily reworked and a favourite for most homeowners. The glass is, however, dangerous when broken because it shatters into several large pieces. 

Safety Glass: This type of glass has additional safety features, making it less prone to breaking than standard glass. There are a few main types of safety glass, namely laminated and tempered or toughened glass. 

Laminated Safety Glass: It’s made by joining together pieces when the glass breaks. It has two panes that are joined together, and an interlayer exists between these pieces. Joining two panes is useful when glass breaks because it remains intact after shattering. Thus you get a spider web effect when the glass shatters. 

Tempered Safety Glass: It’s also known as toughened glass because it goes through extreme heating and cooling process. The Ballarat glass replacement is done using toughened glass for its ideal for glass tabletops, front door panels, bathroom glass needs, and commercial glass. The glass shatters into several small cubic pieces that are not likely to cause harm or injury.  

Select Glass that Complies with the Law 

It’s essential to consider the Australian safety standards before planning the renovation. The Australian safety standards require you to use Grade A safety glass. The main reason why the agency insists on this type of glass is due to safety precautions. The glass that is fitted in your bathroom shouldn’t cause any health or safety risk when it breaks.   

Thus, Ballarat glass replacement comprises of laminated or toughened safety glass. The framed screens should have a minimum of 5mm. The semi-framed should be 6mm while the frameless screens should be 10mm thick.  

Ballarat Glass Services understands the Building Code of Australia and can guide you during the renovation of your bathroom.  

Opt For Eco-Friendly Glass 

Most homeowners are choosing consumer products that are eco-friendly because they are interested in reducing environmental footprint. Ballarat glass replacement believes that choosing environmentally stable glass for your shower screen and other places in the house, such as splashback and windows, is no different. 

Experts can upgrade ordinary glass using low maintenance glass treatment to reduce the costs and frequency of cleaning the glass surface. The newly updated surface is resistant to discolouration and staining. The surface is also more hygienic because it’s resistant to the growth of bacteria and adhesion. Since the surface is more natural to wash and maintain, the upgrade eliminates the use of abrasive and harsh cleaning methods and products 

Choose Easy-to-clean Glass 

You do not want to have to spend a lot of money on cleaning detergents on your shower screen glass. Thus it would help if you opted for a glass that is also easy to maintain. 

The type of framing of your shower screen will also contribute to how easy or hard it is to clean and maintain it sparkling. 

Frameless shower screens are the easiest to clean because you work on the entire glass surface. Ballarat glass replacement prefers this type of glass because the surface doesn’t trap any dirt, and moulds can’t thrive between the frame and the glass.   

It isn’t easy to clean a frosted glass than it is with clear glass. The frosted glass retains soap scum, and that is why most homeowners prefer a bright, frameless shower screen over it. 

Use acid etched glass when you want easy-to-clean glass that will also offer you an element of privacy. Thus, this type of glass will allow light and provide you with privacy. 

Utilize Bathroom Space Wisely

Frameless shower glass we recently done in Ballarat

Consider the size of the bathroom when choosing the shower screen glass.  Ballarat glass replacement uses sliding doors for a small space or bifold doors.  

Use hinged or pivoted doors when you have more space to play around with. These doors are classy bathroom choices because they keep the moisture inside the bathtub. Further, they reflect light that makes the bathroom appear much more prominent. You can contact Ballarat Glass Services to discuss how you can install hinged doors on your old shower. 

Frameless, semi-frameless, and fully framed shower screens with frosted or tinted glass are another option for a bathroom with a lot of space. Frosted and tinted glass is not ideal for small spaces because they affect the proportion. Thus, you can be creative when space is enormous. 

Ballarat glass replacement prefers frameless, bright standard glass shower screens because they are economical and easy to maintain. On the other hand, frosted or tinted glass needs higher maintenance. Thus, if you choose a high maintenance glass, then you have to commit to the upkeep. 

Call in an Expert  

As stated, glass is a delicate material, but it gives your bathroom a sophisticated look. However, grasping the concept of the best glass for your shower screen is a daunting task. Ballarat glass replacement installs toughened glass because it has minimal risk.  

Ballarat Glass Service guarantees the durability and performance of the shower screen they install in your bathroom. They focus on your budget, the size of your bathroom, and the number of people that will use it to determine the type of glass to install, and the design. You can contact these experts for a free quote and more suggestions. 

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