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About Our Team

glass technician working on glass

When you are at home, you like to have light shine through your windows to brighten your home. During the longer summer days, it is nice to have the early morning sun wake you up earlier. Also, when you are settling down for the evening, the extra daylight hours can really contribute to an amazing day. You would not be able to enjoy all of these sunlight benefits if it were not for the glass windows in your home, and the other glass features in your home that let light flow in. That is why if you are ever in need of glass or mirror repairs, installations, or other services, you are going to want to give the team here at Ballarat Glass Service a call. Over time we have been able to build our reputable company to meet all of your glass service needs in Ballarat and the surrounding area.

Whether you need shower panel installation, glass replacement, or shower screen replacement, we are the team that you are going to want to trust. We have done numerous projects over the years, so you can be guaranteed that we are familiar with the best way to meet all of your glass needs. We have developed a workflow that enables us to easily communicate with you every step of the way, including appointment scheduling, during the project, and the completion summary of the result. We are proud to have serviced the region for so many years, and we look forward to continuing our outstanding services.


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