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Glass is a part of nearly every building, company, and home that you have ever been in. It is what is used to build windows. Also, glass lets light flood into your space to create a warm and welcoming space. Not to mention, glass and mirrors allow you to see beautiful scenery or to gaze upon your reflection. When it comes to your glass and mirror services, you are going to want to trust a team of professionals who is going to be able to meet all of your needs. That is why you should trust the team of glass service professionals here at Ballarat Glass Service. We are all highly trained to meet your needs, and not to mention, we are friendly, efficient, and provide unbeatable rates!

We are a company that is built off of commitment and loyalty to our community. We know that in order to meet all of your glass and mirror needs, we need to be able to communicate openly and honestly with you. As such, we always conduct a consultation that will determine your needs and what you want from our services. We are going to be able to deliver a service that can meet your needs because we are dedicated to bringing the best results possible. Not to mention we have the tools and skillset necessary to provide outstanding results. We promise to utilize all of our skills and business partnerships to craft the perfect glass service for you.


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    Our Services

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    Our services are going to meet all of your glass and mirror needs. Whether you want glass splashbacks, someone to install shower panels, or glass panels Ballarat, the team at Ballarat Glass Service is going to meet all of your needs while also exceeding your expectations. This is because our services are crafted to be efficient and effective. We always arrive at appointments on time, we always work efficiently, and we always provide the most unbeatable prices for our services. We know all of these elements are crucial in delivering the best services possible.

    If you have a question you may find the answer on our FAQ page.

    Shower Screens
    Glass Repairs
    Shower Panels

    Shower Screens

    A shower screen is going to really brighten up your space and create a bathroom that you have likely been hoping for over a long time. Ballarat shower screens and general glass service providers are not going to compare to our team because we also offer customizable options for your glass colour tint if you so desire.

    Glass Repairs

    Ballarat glass repairs just got a whole lot easier when you decide to call Ballarat Glass Service during your time of need. We are skilful and knowledgeable about Ballarat shower panels and general glass panels Ballarat. The repair process is going to quick and effective, and it is going to feel like your broken glass never even existed.

    Shower Panels

    Shower panels just got a whole lot more accessible when you trust Ballarat Glass Service to get the install and repair done for you. We use advanced systems of technology to get the installation, repair, and replacement jobs are done quickly. No matter what, you can get the perfect shower panel that you have been wanting.

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    Glass Splashback
    Frameless Shower Screens

    Glass Splashback

    Glass splashbacks are a practical element to have in your home that is also visually appealing and enables you to share your style. Whether you are in a commercial building or a residential property, we are going to help you get the perfect glass splashback service for your needs.


    Mirrors are fantastic to have in your bathroom, bedroom, hallways, or anywhere else that you may want a mirror. The team here at Ballarat Glass Service has done countless mirror projects, and whatever you could possibly want for your mirrors, we are going to be able to provide that for you. Not to mention, all of our mirrors are of high-quality standards, so your reflection will never be distorted.

    Frameless Shower Screens

    A frameless shower screen is a fantastic option if you really want a modern, sleek, and bright look in your bathroom. Also, frameless shower screens are going to be very easy to take care of when you trust in the services provided here at Ballarat Glass Service.

    Check out our blog for useful glass tips, recommendations & suggestions. With many years of experience, we are thrilled to share these for you.

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    Contact Us Today

    Give the team here at Ballarat Glass Service a call for all of your glass replacement, mirror services, and shower screens needs. It does not matter how much-broken glass there is, we are going to be able to help. When you give us a call, we are going to answer all of your questions and address any comments. Not to mention, we will be able to schedule an appointment for you are your earliest convenience. We guarantee to always provide the best services, and our first interaction is a testament to that.

    “If you want a reliable glass installer or a specialist shower panel Ballarat, you are going to want to call Ballarat Glass Service. I was in need of services for my shower for the ensuite glass panel, and Ballarat Glass Service met all of my needs! First, they assessed the old shower panel, and then they went through a glass panel consultation process to determine a plan of action to provide the perfect shower panel installation. They really are the best shower panel contractor. They are friendly and tentative, and I know they will always be the team I call if I have a broken shower screen or if I need a window replacement” – Judy T.

    “Other Ballarat window repairs companies have nothing on Ballarat Glass Service! I needed many services, including window repairs, shower screen repair, and some help with a broken mirror. I called up the team and they were able to come by and fix everything for me. I had no idea glass repair and mirror replacement could be so easy and affordable. I guess that is what you get when you decide to work with the best glass replacement contractor and specialists Ballarat glass team.” – Jim L.

    “I did not know the different between Glazier, bathroom screen, or bathroom panel. All I knew that I wanted a frameless shower screen and that I wanted the shower screen installation to be easy and affordable. I called Ballarat Glass Service and they suggested a semi frameless shower screen to best meet my needs, and my goodness I am glad I listened to them! They were helpful and informative and the best shower screen installer I could have hoped for. I know my new shower screen frameless installation will last me for many years to come. If you ever need a shower screen replacement, you are definitely going to want to give this team a call!” – Paula R.